Winners of 9th Sharjah Government Communication Awards honored

Sharjah: c(IGCF) Thursday.

The IGCF was organized by the International Government Communication Center (IGCC), an affiliate of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB), at Expo Center Sharjah.

“By highlighting the latest innovations and creative thinking in several disciplines of government communication with the announcement of the winners of the 9th edition of the SGCA, our ambitions driven by the IGCC to advance government communication and its tools to the regional and international scale, are renewed year after year. said Tariq Saeed Allay, Managing Director of SGMB.

“We celebrate the institutions, initiatives and individuals who have had a tangible impact on communities by effectively using government communication tools, reiterating its power to change perceptions, build future visions and influence change. positive,” Allay added.

Successful communication

Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Managing Director of the Emirates News Agency (WAM) and Chairman of the SGCA Jury Committee, added: “The SGCA is an incubator of successful communications experiences at local, regional and international levels. Since its first edition, the award has shone the spotlight on bold communication ideas and strategies that are ahead of their time and fully serve societies. Each edition of the SGCA has promoted modern concepts of government communication, encouraged their adoption, and raised its own evaluation bar to ensure that the nominated projects practically succeed in ensuring the well-being and happiness of mankind.

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi honors the winners of the 9th Sharjah Government Communication Awards (SGCA) on the closing day of the 11th International Government Communication Forum

List of winners

The winner of the ‘Best Public Communication by a Government Agency – Emirate of Sharjah’ award was Sharjah Digital Office, while the ‘Model Government Communication Employee – United Arab Emirates‘ award went to Fatima Al-Sharqi of the United Arab Emirates Pension Fund. Abu Dhabi; and the winner of the “Best Crisis Response – United Arab Emirates” award is the Emirates Red Crescent Authority.

The “Best Government Communication Systems” award, which includes four sub-category awards, the “Practices” award was given to Sharjah Media City (Shams); the “Training and Education” award was presented by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, while the Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters was named the winner of the “A System for People with Disabilities” award “. The “A system for the elderly” sub-category was won by the Sharjah Department of Social Services.

The award for “Best Government Communication in Digital Media” was awarded to the Abu Dhabi Pension Fund, while “Best Applied Scientific Research in Government Communication – Global” was won by Alaa Mustafa of the University Al Azhar, Egypt.

The award for “Best Environmental Policies and Practices” was awarded to Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC); and the Department of Municipality and Planning in Ajman.

The “Best Government Communication Targeted at Youth” category includes two sub-category awards. The winner of the award for “Best Youth Initiative in Government Communication” is Basil Al Madani from Syria, while the award for “Best Initiative to Influence Future Generations” went to the National Youth Program for Skills Development , in Oman.

The award for “Programme with the greatest influence on social responsibility” was won by the initiative of the GCC Health Council “Ma Yensaket Anha”.

The winner of the “Best Photo in Government Communications” award is Giles Clark, United States.

The “Best Innovations in Government Communications – Global” category has come to the Middle East for the first time in partnership with 01Gov and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is divided into two prices. The “Best Innovation in Government Communication” was won by CitizenLab, Belgium, while the jury offered the “Best Challenge for the Future in Government Communication” title to the Ahlam team for their project “Your sleep is important “.

The winner of the “Best Social Media Influencer” award is Ihssane Benalluch from Morocco.

The Outstanding Employee Award includes two sub-categories. The award for “Best university initiative to qualify future employees in government communication” is awarded in collaboration with the University of the United Arab Emirates. Its winning initiative in the University Challenge held during the 2022 pre-IGCF activities was the UAE University team’s Smart Visitors System.

The “Best Government Communication Initiative that Empowers Women” award went to the “Hama” initiative, aimed at improving the readiness of female soldiers for the future, in partnership with the National and Reserve Service Authority, the Government Development and the Future Office (UAE).

The “Best Media Content” award was given to the “Kafu” program in Bahrain, while the “Al Ekteyar” series in Egypt won the “Best Dramatic Work – ِ Arab Word” award.

During the ceremony, the members of the jury were honored for their efforts during the 9th edition of the award.

IGCF 2022 Recommendations

The 11th International Communication Forum (IGCF) which concluded on Thursday made the following recommendations in 9 points:

● A call on governments and their departments to develop digital platforms to encourage the participation of individuals, the private sector, influencers and content creators to vote for solutions to challenges and adopt those that garner support of the majority.

● The development of a Governance Guide for Government Communication in partnership with the authorities concerned and communication experts.

● Creation of a specialized language guide for crisis management with the most appropriate words and terminologies for public discourse.

● Activate partnerships between governments and Arab drama production houses to deliver positive messages and create global change; and invest in Arab drama productions that convey cultural values ​​and celebrate the region’s heritage.

● Development of curricula and training programs that contribute to forming influential young leaders as well as successive generations of young people capable of finding solutions to societal challenges.

● A call for partnerships between the communication teams of economic and academic institutions and study centers specializing in reflection on the economic future and the development of preventive solutions to probable economic problems.

● Preparation of well-researched plans and programs for all members of society aligned with their value systems and needs to build a culture of adapting to crises and finding solutions through “engineering change”.

● Shape the future of communication by leveraging insights created by artificial intelligence, the metaverse and emerging media technologies.

● Develop government programs to protect cultural diversity, maintain a balance between cultures and respect differences and privacy.

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