Webb Fontaine continues to expand and invest in business technology

Webb Fontaine (www.WebbFontaine.com), a leading provider of AI-enabled trade technologies and customs facilitation solutions to governments and trade administrations worldwide, celebrates its 20e birthday this month.

In 2002, a group of leaders in their respective fields and early adopters of new technologies came together to form Webb Fontaine. Its objective was clear: to improve the customs and trade environment by providing government agencies and commercial enterprises with state-of-the-art technology and knowledge. Customs solutions, the company’s starting point, inspired its first solutions. The market demanded cutting-edge innovations that would improve efficiency and safety. What Webb Fontaine Customs Solutions has done is that and more.

“Our customs solutions have been developed to address the fundamental issues faced by customs services around the world” Alioune Ciss, CEO Webb Fontaine

Deployed for the first time in Nigeria with its partnership with the Nigeria Customs Service. Playing a proud role in one of the most advanced customs environments in the region, supporting millions of Nigerian imports and exports annually. Even today, this allows customs revenue collection to continue its upward trend despite the threat posed by Covid-19 and other similar industry challenges.

Following the success of its customs solutions in several countries, it was clear that the trade industry as a whole could not continue to grow and meet demand without fundamental advances and investment in trade technology as a whole. . The trade ecosystem was operating in a fragmented and sub-optimal manner, leading to significant and costly delays, loss of customs revenue and poor risk management.

Webb Fontaine has focused its efforts on this by investing heavily in its research and development capabilities. To support the development and expansion of its product portfolio. The company was determined to produce solutions that not only used the latest technologies, but covered almost the entire spectrum of commerce. Today, Webb Fontaine operates 5 state-of-the-art R&D facilities around the world. These centers of excellence continue to recruit the best minds in the industry to develop innovative products and services in line with the demands of modern international trade. Today, more than 300 highly talented and highly qualified people work in these research centers and play a crucial role in the constant growth of the company’s product portfolio.

Webb Fontaine’s solutions, deployed in several countries around the world, now form a fully integrated portfolio. Supported by AI, these include one-stop-shop operations (https://bit.ly/3d8IwAC), Customs systems (https://bit.ly/3TLvmKO), electronic payment gateways (https://bit.ly/3x396lW), AI-based risk management, Port Community Systems (https://bit.ly/3BpfOoY), Government reforms (https://bit.ly/3Qss8ZN), Trade Compliance (https://bit.ly/3DgKz0u), IT infrastructure development (https://bit.ly/3RO8M2k), automated cargo tracking and classification, freight management systems and many more.

“Our portfolio has been developed with the goal of fostering widespread access to critical business technology, all of our products are fully transferable to our partners, support different languages ​​and can be used in both developed and undeveloped business environments. All of these years of investment and R&D have paid off, giving us a truly unique portfolio that we can confidently deploy in almost any setting. Samy Zayani, Commercial Director of Webb Fontaine

Over the years, Webb Fontaine has enjoyed numerous collaborations with the forward-thinking governments of Bahrain, Benin, Niger, Egypt, Nepal, Abu Dhabi, Panama, Nigeria and Ajman, among others.

Development of its solutions continues after recently launching a state-of-the-art Integrated Risk Management (IRM) service in Egypt in partnership with Misr Technology Services.

As the company observes its 20e anniversary, the commitment to building the future of commerce through technology remains stronger than ever.

“We have never strayed from our mission to equip governments and trade entities with scalable technology and expertise that will improve the customs and trade environment.

In recent years, international trade has come under great pressure. Technology is essential across the entire commerce ecosystem to counter industry threats to continue to keep commerce flowing efficiently, effectively and continuously.

We now have 25 entities around the world, with nearly 1,000 employees, 30% of whom are dedicated to R&D.

We are committed to expanding our efforts around the world so that everyone who engages in commerce can benefit from the many revolutionary solutions we continue to build, develop, deploy and transfer. Alioune Ciss, CEO of Webb Fontaine

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