UK: Sunak will put government on crisis footing from ‘day one’ – News

He intends to argue that the country faces a national emergency on five fronts

By Reuters

Published: Sat 23 Jul 2022, 07:59

In an interview with The Times on Friday, former UK finance minister Rishi Sunak, a leading contender for prime minister, said he would put the government in crisis from “day one” of his input function.

Over the next week, Sunak intends to argue that Britain faces a national emergency on five fronts, including the economy, the National Health Service and migration.

Liz Truss, Sunak’s main rival for the top job, held a 24-point lead over him in a YouGov poll of Conservative Party members released on Thursday.

Inflation is the “number one challenge we face”, Sunak explained in the interview, adding that according to Truss’ plans, interest rates in the country could rise significantly. He said he plans to cut taxes, but only once inflation, which currently stands at nearly 10%, is brought under control. He also accused his rivals of making “fairytale” promises on tax cuts.

The interview also saw Sunak backing the goal of reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

Truss, who is currently Britain’s foreign secretary, has made other promises of tax cuts that would cost around £30 billion ($36.01 billion) a year.

On Saturday, Truss is due to announce that all EU legislation transposed into UK law would benefit from a ‘sunset’ clause by the end of 2023, the Telegraph reported. A decision will be made on whether to maintain, change or remove about 2,400 laws by then, Truss told the newspaper on Friday.


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