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Replicating gravity is a huge challenge for space tourism startups, even more so for those involved in hospitality. However, an American startup came up with an idea for a space hotel that solves the problem.

What is the space hotel?

Making space accessible is a huge challenge for space tourism startups. Gravity is vital for humans because most of us can’t stand floating in space for long periods of time. Orbital Assembly Corporation, a California-based startup, has announced plans to create the first-ever Pioneer-class space station. Operational by 2025, it will be a hybrid and modular commercial space station. This means it can be used for both hobby and scientific research.

Simply put, the American startup plans to create the first-ever space hotel and business park in lower Earth orbit. The Pioneer station is going to be a luxury hotel that can accommodate 400 people at a time. Once operational, the place will be able to accommodate 28 people for a maximum of two weeks. The Pioneer Space module will be an orbiting outpost designed to simulate one-sixth of Earth’s gravity. They plan to do this by spinning around a gravity ring. So, according to the company, they can easily move around “while eating or drinking from a cup normally and sleeping without having to be tied to a bed.” Also, creating gravity will lessen the harmful effects of microgravity on our body.

The science behind the space hotel

The whole unit will be surrounded by an external ring-shaped structure. This ring-like structure will spin or rotate the module, creating a centrifugal force that simulates gravitational force and therefore part of Earth’s gravity. This is called simulated rotational gravity. Additionally, humans will fail to function in zero-gravity environments without proper training. However, if the company manages to achieve this, it will be a game-changer for the space tourism industry.

So far, NASA has awarded contracts to private companies such as Northrop Group and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origins. They will launch space stations in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) before 2030. LEO space stations are privately owned and will replace the International Space Station (ISS) after it is dismantled.

Orbital Assembly Space Hotel


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