Prism Digital Introduces WhatsApp Automated Chatbot Service for Hospitality Industry

Prism Digital, a leading digital marketing agency in the United Arab Emirates, has launched an AI-powered WhatsApp business chatbot service for the hospitality industry in the Middle East and North Africa.

With over 2.2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most widely used application for communicating and creating personal and professional conversations. The WhatsApp for business chatbot can reinvent the way a hotel communicates with its customers and answers their questions.

WhatsAppotel Chatbot offers hotels many benefits, including the ability to engage with guests and respond to their requests intelligently and with full automation available 24/7. The WhatsApp chatbot can be programmed to communicate in more than 50 languages ​​and can thus connect the hotel with potential customers and visitors in their local language. This feature will allow the hospitality industry to communicate with potential guests and visitors from all over the world. Since you can book directly from WhatsApp, it will encourage more direct bookings and reduce reliance on OTAs, leading to improved sales, direct booking and revenue.

It also improves the customer experience. Customers can receive virtual booking assistance from WhatsAppotel Chatbot at every stage of the booking process. Starting with giving them all the essential facts about the types of rooms available, the cost per night, the free services and whether or not rooms are still available at the hotel for the dates chosen by the customer, the hotel can also share a video. , location maps, discount coupons and hotel website links to book with a call to action.

This is revolutionary for the hospitality industry where guest experience is paramount to success. Hotels can greatly benefit from strong reservation capabilities and marketing automation.

Lovetto Nazareth, managing director of Prism Digital, promoters of the WhatsAppotel Chatbotdeclared, ‘

The WhatsAppotel Chatbot will allow customers to search and book rooms directly from their WhatsApp application. This will help hotels before, during and after the room booking process and increase the number of direct bookings. This is revolutionary for the hospitality industry where guest experience is paramount to success. Hotels can greatly benefit from WhatsAppotel Chatbot’s robust booking capabilities and marketing automation features.


About WhatsAppotel Chatbot: The ONLY personalized WhatsApp chatbot for the hospitality industry

WhatsApp hotel Chatbot is a WhatsApp-based, AI-powered customer engagement tool that is revolutionizing the hotel booking and customer engagement ecosystem for the hospitality industry. WhatsAppotel Chatbot helps growing hotels to hack their reservations directly from the customer’s mobile whatsapp app. The WhatsAppotel Chatbot also helps the hotel in its marketing efforts by reducing the advertising budget and increasing revenue for each hotel that uses the technology.

Being AI driven and multilingual, the WhatsAppotel Chatbot can communicate with your customers in over 50 languages ​​and can be programmed to respond 24/7 to over 15,000 orders ranging from reservation services to customer support and concierge services such as locate requests and reservation. It can be integrated with almost any hotel management system, via simple API hooks and is very easy to install.
Several hotels are using it to automate their customer support and reservation processes, increasing the number of direct bookings from hotel websites and reducing reliance on OTAs.

Additional WhatsAppotel Chatbot Features

In addition to providing a platform for direct and uninterrupted communication with customers, WhatsAppotel Chatbot also provides the feature of sending broadcast notifications to inform customers about enticing offers. Sharing payment confirmations, invoices and receipts is another feature. However, what sets it apart from all other platforms is the ability to book directly through WhatsApp. This increases conversion rates by 62%.

About Prism Digital

Prism Digital is a multi-award-winning digital marketing company in Dubai that specializes in the development and oversight of creative and results-driven online advertising campaigns and 360 CRM and customer-focused technology solutions for the hospitality industry. Prism has worked with 45 hotel chains around the world and has worked with almost every restaurant chain, hotel, nightclub and tourist attraction in the UAE, except for hotels.

Being in the hospitality marketing industry for over 20 years, Prism Digital has a database of over 45 million DAAT profiles of clients who have visited Dubai or are expected to visit Dubai at some point in the future due to their partnership with local and global hotel chains. Prism offers 360 degree marketing services to hotels, including lead generation through search engines and social platforms. We offer online reputation management services in addition to our digital marketing offerings.

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