Passengers will soon be able to relax in a Pod hotel at Nashik station

Pod hotels are being launched in different parts of India and Nashik railway station will soon host one. In Maharashtra, there are pod hotels in Mumbai and Pune, and now Nashik is also joining these cities. Bhusawal Division Railway Authority has made a decision to build a pod hotel for passengers traveling here. It will be a great accommodation option for visitors as the pods are safe and quite affordable.

Nashik Station will soon have a Pod Hotel

The next time you travel to Nashik for a few days, now you know where you will find good accommodation facilities. Shivraj Manaspure is the Senior Commercial Manager of Bhusawal Division and he recently shared that Nashik will have around 12 pod hotels. From now on, the pods will have 2 different slots. The first location is the first floor just after the upper deck at the Mumbai end, away from all the crowds at the station. And the second slot for the modules is under the escalator of platform 1. The first slot is quite isolated and open and it will be built later to close the area. On the other hand, the second location is in the middle of commuters and people using the escalator and walking around. But this place will be under security.

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pod hotel

These pods will be very comfortable and perfect

Out of 12 pod hotels, some will be single occupancy and double occupancy. And the other pods will be provided to families. Each pod hotel will ensure that you have a very comfortable stay. You will find facilities like lockers and great restrooms inside. In addition, these modules will ensure the privacy of each passenger in complete safety. So, if you come to Nashik for a few days, you can check in directly to a pod hotel right after reaching the station.

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The railways will provide the development location for each pod hotel. The tenderer will take care of this development and also execute it according to the guidelines. The bidder and the railways will share the revenue. The tender for the pod hotel project will be published very soon.

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