“Our ambition is to develop a business ecosystem that brings more value to our customers”

Martin G. Pedersen, President of IFZA
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How have UAE free zones become a catalyst for the business community and start-ups over the past 50 years?

The UAE’s experience with free zones began in 1985, and over the next 36 years our industry has contributed significantly to increasing foreign investment in the country by lowering barriers to trade. Entrance. Each free zone is governed by its own set of trade laws; therefore, we are able to create a strategic cluster and target specific industries and contribute to the diversification of the economy at large.

How does IFZA Dubai facilitate growth in the UAE entrepreneurial landscape?

IFZA is known for its unique business model focused on building a strong global presence through our international network of professional partners which allows clients to easily access our services even outside the country. Through the IFZA Academy, we ensure the competence of our partners, wherever they are in the world. Our organizational model is built around an agile, customer-centric community so that we can meet the needs of our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

HHow do you plan to attract more investment to the UAE in the future?

Capitalizing on our strategic location in Dubai, we are serious about our ambition to develop a business ecosystem that delivers greater value to our clients beyond the simple offer of a free zone.

How does IFZA plan to mark the 50th UAE National Day?

The UAE National Day is just the start of our month-long celebration. In addition to our special promotion for the season, we will also unveil new initiatives as part of our commitment to the community and the country.

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