Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation opens contactless educational space in Dubai


The fifth edition of the Edge of Government initiative led by MBRCGI aims to transport visitors to the forefront of modern thought in 15-minute interactive and non-contact educational experiences, guided by simple hand gestures.
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Dubai: The Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation (MBRCGI) has launched a new, immersive, contactless educational experience highlighting the most important government innovations developed to address the world’s greatest challenges.

Using data and art to bring innovations to life, the specially designed space, which showcases the UAE’s leading innovation ecosystem, opened to the public on Sunday, September 19 in the Emirates Towers in Dubai.

The fifth edition of the Edge of Government initiative led by MBRCGI aims to transport visitors to the forefront of modern thought in interactive, non-contact 15-minute educational experiences driven by simple hand gestures, MBRCGI said in A press release.

Highlighting the most important global government challenges, visitors will discover innovative solutions on how we see, understand and approach the most pressing problems of our time, he said.

New perspectives

Following the mantra, “through enlightenment comes empowerment,” the initiative aims to change people’s perceptions and encourage a new perspective on the latest trends. In line with the UAE’s ambitions for the Next 50, the space will highlight the importance of developing a knowledge-based economy.

New stories will be added regularly and will cover about ten topics by the end of next year. The conservation of space will be driven by the acceleration of societal evolution.

The first topics explored are cryptocurrency and the Emirates Mars mission. The content will explore the addiction and challenges of cryptocurrency, including mining operations. It will also examine the transfer of knowledge and science through the Emirates Mars mission, the statement said.

“The challenges facing governments have never been more complex or urgent than they are in this era of rapid technological, environmental and societal change. With this in mind, the Edge of Government initiative aims to empower and engage young people and policy makers through education. With the aim of enlightening, empowering and engaging, our immersive experience connects governments and people while displaying the principles, planning and practices undertaken to equip the UAE and the rest of the world for success. “

Abeer Tahlak, Director of MBRCGI, stressed that promoting a culture of innovation in government reflects the UAE government’s goals to prepare for future challenges using advanced technologies and solutions.

Audience encouraged to visit

“We urge the community to come and experience a glimpse into the future of governments and see the UAE’s successes in an immersive and interactive way. MBRCGI aims to attract the best talent to help develop new perceptions that create future opportunities for government and society. It is our role to empower talents and equip them with the necessary tools to develop their innovative ideas.

Omran Sharaf, Emirates Mars Mission Director, said: “The Hope Probe Project, which saw the United Arab Emirates send a spacecraft to Mars, has strengthened the country’s position as a technological leader and scientific contributor to the progress of humanity. All data, images and information collected by the probe will be shared with the global scientific community to help build a picture of the Martian climate and atmosphere.

“The Emirates Mars mission will continue to inspire a generation of Arabs to persevere in the face of challenges and innovate to overcome them. By presenting the story of Hope Probe in the Edge of Government experience, we hope to bring the odyssey to life and fuel the ideas and dreams of our young and ambitious population.

NASA AI Data Sculpture

In addition to the two interactive experiences at the hub, the MBRCGI space hosts the DataGate experience. Billed as the world’s first NASA AI astronomical research data sculpture, the installation combines data and technology to create a compelling work of art.

Developed by OUCHHH New Media Studio, the MBRCGI DataGate represents the vast power of data and its impact on individual human lives.

Innovation is one of the key elements of UAE’s growth and is a central pillar of the country’s ambition to achieve a knowledge-based digital economy. Edge of Government will involve partnerships between organizations, including educational institutions, and the initiative will focus on the role of young people in improving government innovation, the statement added.


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