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Anmol Joon from Dubai made him huge, both as an entrepreneur and as an athlete

As we learn more and more about its success stories in the real estate industry spread across different geographies, we wonder what could be the reason for its exponential rise. Well, this is the result of his hard work, resilience, tenacity, and courage that are very hard to come by in this modern age. It takes a lot of concentration to enter the ever more competitive entrepreneurial ecosystem and create value and positioning for yourself. There are only a few, the successful ones, who have gone ahead and turned the business world upside down. Standing as one of Dubai‘s top entrepreneurial talents, Anmol Joon has carved out a niche for himself in the business world.

Who is Anmol Joon, you ask?

Joon is a passionate soul with a mission and vision to raise the bar and quality in whatever industry he sets his sights on, and to create a name that stands for value and quality. Hence, he created a successful business in the still competitive Dubai market.

Joon owns real estate in Dubai as CEO and Chairman of RSHL Real Estate Development Dubai. It is also interesting to know that this sense of competition was embedded in him in his youth. This made him a badminton ace as he won the runner-up five times in the All India Ranking Tournament and also remained the Haryana State Champion for two years. However, an unfortunate incident left him injured, for which he had to undergo elbow surgery which ultimately cut short his athletic journey.

But it’s important to note that these mishaps never sidetracked him from his long-term goals. That says a lot about his character and his upbringing. Entrepreneurial instinct allowed him to create the largest badminton academy in India. His vision envisioned a healthy India where he can advance the vision of providing a healthy and fulfilling environment for our fellow athletes. Apart from that, Joon also owns the GD Goenka Public School in Bahadurgarh, Haryana.

Joon is a modern day entrepreneur from Dubai who wants to create more and more values ​​for his community and his country.

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