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A dynamic entrepreneur who rose in the business world and inspired everyone in the world with her smart strategic planning and business skills

Published: Mon 7 March 2022, 15:29

The more we look around us, the more we notice how commercial industries today are run by multiple powerful individuals, dominated by the women of the world. It’s great to hear that these professional women have shifted gears in the business world. They have made people amazed with what they have achieved in their respective industries which has brought them to a global platform. Areej Mohsin Darwish, a leading entrepreneur with her group of companies, who has been listed as one of the “Most Powerful Businesswomen” by Forbes seven times, does just that. A recipient of the Gold and Bronze Stevie Award and the Harvard Business Council International Award, she is the President of the MHD ACERE cluster of the well-known Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC (MHD LLC), a company with diverse business interests and associated with well-known brands. world like McLaren, Jaguar, Land Rover, Huawei, Daikin, Dell, Ford, KDK, Michelin Tyres, MG and many more. With its presence in the Oman market and listed in the Top 100 family businesses by Forbes, the organization has experienced rapid growth since its creation.

Inheriting a family business is one thing, but growing it and turning it into a success can only be the work of a determined individual who aims to bring the family legacy to the pinnacle of success.

Darwish broke the glass ceiling by stepping into uncharted territory with an education choice in computer science and a career choice in automotive, which was a male-dominated sphere. By breaking the glass ceiling, she revolutionized the workplace and made it more inclusive and accessible for women, inspiring others to take on more such roles.

His journey as a leader has been driven by purpose, passion and perseverance. As president, she maximized growth by staying on top of business activities, market conditions and the competitive landscape; continuously monitor business trends and forecasts to make proactive adjustments; and strengthened the company’s position in the Omani market by leveraging industry knowledge and business acumen to achieve consistent success. Most importantly, she has an invaluable first-hand perspective on what it takes to overcome unique challenges in the workplace.

Darwish is committed to adding values ​​and realizing Oman’s 2040 vision to drive growth which focuses on innovation, knowledge, infrastructure, logistics, education, learning and scientific research.

As a socially responsible individual, Darwish believes that a leader takes on a visible role in society beyond business in order to build a sustainable world. To this end, it is involved in a number of social initiatives. She is an active member of the UNICEF Leadership Circle to empower young people and improve their skills and education.

Her vision is to “set an outstanding example for Omani women of tomorrow” and she inspires a generation of young Omani women as role models.

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