India among top five in market capitalization, stands at $3.21 trillion – News

That’s higher than the UK ($3.19 trillion), Saudi Arabia and Canada ($3.18 trillion each)

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Published: Sat 12 March 2022, 09:45

India is now among the top five countries in terms of stock market capitalization.

According to media on Saturday, the country’s total market capitalization now stands at $3.21 trillion.

That’s higher than the UK ($3.19 trillion), Saudi Arabia and Canada ($3.18 trillion).

At the start of 2022, the UK and France ranked fifth and sixth with market caps of $3.7 trillion and $3.5 trillion respectively. However, following the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, European countries experienced a sharp drop in market capitalizations. Germany, which was once in the top five, has now slipped to tenth place.

In September last year, India became the world’s sixth largest stock market, overtaking France for the first time. The United States leads the world in market capitalization ($47.32 trillion) and is followed by China ($11.52 trillion), Japan ($6 trillion) and Hong Kong ($5 .55 trillion dollars).

Next is the United Kingdom ($3.19 trillion), followed by Saudi Arabia and Canada ($3.18 trillion each), France ($2.89 trillion) and Germany ($2.29 trillion).

The total global market capitalization stands at $109.22 trillion.


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