House Zayed’s Ramadan Initiatives for Islamic Culture Promote Peaceful Coexistence

The “Ramadan Tent”, which was part of the event, benefited 2,350 people. It was performed in cooperation with Emirates Red Crescent and Awnak Ya Watanteam for 22 days. It included daily collective iftars, religious and cultural activities, and various recreational events that would integrate new returns into society.

The “Ramadan Football Human Fraternity Championship” was organized with ten teams and 100 players. There were 1,750 spectators who enjoyed the matches. The championship not only contributed to a healthy sporting atmosphere but also ensured community interaction involving people of multiple nationalities in the city of Al Ain.

In addition, the “Emirates of Coexistence” lectures, delivered in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Community Majlises, benefited 175 people. It allowed community members to benefit from the experience of others, presented through topics on cultural diversity and coexistence in the UAE.

The ZHIC distributed 190 “Ramadan bags” containing basic items needed by new Muslims, such as prayer mats, the Quran, booklets on the virtues of Ramadan and the rules of fasting, in several languages.

In cooperation with Dubai Media Inc, ZHIC took part in the radio program ‘Thus They Embraced Islam’, presented through 17 clips about ZHIC’s new Muslim students, illustrating their journey through Islam, with the aim of highlighting highlight the values ​​of coexistence in society and of ZHIC. supportive and educational role.

In cooperation with Emirates Red Crescent and Public Benefit Foundation, ZHIC brought joy to 20 families of new converts through its “Your Food Packs on Us” initiative. As part of this program, food parcels were distributed to low-income families.

The Recite and Elevate the Holy Quran of the Year competition attracted 75 new students. The 2,900 video clips attracted 945 votes from community members who participated in selecting the top ten entrants. In addition, ten diverse lectures were hosted on ZHIC’s Facebook page, delivered in five languages ​​- English, Tagalog, Mandarin, Ethiopian and Russian – as part of the “Ramadan Breezes” initiative, which benefited 4,513 learners. .

The ZHIC Ramadan initiatives concluded with “Give each other gifts, love each other”, to promote social solidarity and support for 174 selected families. ZHIC staff members gave them clothes as gifts.

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