Dubai Police resolve dispute between hotel guests and management amicably


Dubai: A man who got angry over an argument over lunch with his wife at a hotel in Dubai ended up breaking the elevator button panel.

According to Dubai Police, the couple were having lunch at a hotel restaurant when an argument broke out between the duo. The couple then took the elevator out of the hotel, but the argument continued until the husband hit the elevator control panel and smashed it in a fit of rage.

The hotel management reported the incident to the police and demanded large compensation from the man for damaging the property. The husband then sought help from the Dubai Police Force, claiming that he was only a junior employee and could not afford such large compensation.

Captain Abdullah Al Sheikh, director of the victim assistance section of the Dubai Police Department of Criminal Investigations, said Dubai Police had resolved the matter amicably between hotel management and the accused.

“The husband told us he got angry over a heated argument with his wife and angrily hit the elevator control panel. He was surprised at the amount of compensation claimed by the hotel and asked for our help, ”said Capt Al Sheikh. “We communicated with the hotel who understood the situation and resolved the issue in a friendly manner. Additionally, the couple thanked Dubai Police for their help after a team of force officers guided them.

Capt Al Sheikh also said his department is working on a program to develop smart services to communicate with victims as well as resolve disputes in a friendly manner. “This will help achieve the Dubai Police’s strategic objective of reducing the crime rate,” Capt Al Sheikh added.


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