Creative Zone launches the first “Guide to Starting a Business in the UAE 2022” for local and international investors – News

Creative Zone, a business creation company based in the United Arab Emirates, has launched the first edition of its comprehensive “Business Setup Guide 2022” for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to establish and operate in the United Arab Emirates.

The detailed document covers every fragment of doing business in the UAE, the options for setting up, obtaining residency, acquiring corporate bank accounts, and all aspects of relocating and living in the region.

The first volume of the guide has been compiled to provide businesses with a more up-to-date understanding of how the UAE’s business landscape works, the type of business activities that can be undertaken in various business districts, and recent changes in laws. and regulations.

Lorenzo Jooris, CEO of Creative Zone, said: “With the rapid growth of the UAE as a global business hub, it has become a key strategic business base for several global and regional entities. ‘UAE Business Set-up Guide’ provides comprehensive guidance for many businesses who seek to be a part of the prolific business ecosystem of the UAE as well as businesses that have established themselves here.The guide is a must-have for companies looking to take advantage of the significant long-term opportunities that can be exploited the country.

In addition to clearly outlining the benefits of doing business in the UAE, the guide answers many questions companies may have about the organization, including its structure, business lines, business licenses and regulatory issues, as well as accounting, tax and legal information. The guide also provides useful information on life in Dubai and on exchange control, immigration and employment issues.

The ‘UAE Business Setup Guide’ can be downloaded from:

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