Covid-19: Bollywood actor, his son “almost kicked out of the hotel” after an infection – News

“We will never forget this experience. It makes me wonder if the world deserves honesty at all’


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Published: Fri 31 Dec 2021, 09:52

Actor Ranvir Shorey is having a nightmarish experience at a hotel in Goa, where he is staying with his son, Haroon, who tested positive for Covid-19.

“As a result of my SM message, intended for the greater good, we were almost kicked out of our hotel room, where we were in quarantine, as guests pressured the hotel to stay there,” said Ranvir on Instagram. “Society’s ability to discriminate unscientifically has been exposed.”

Interestingly, according to him, many fans wanted selfies with him just a day earlier. “People who wanted selfies until the day before were blackmailing the hotel for discounts and refunds because we were in one of the rooms,” he said. “We will never forget this experience. It makes me wonder if the world really deserves honesty.

Earlier in the week, Ranvir said he and his son were on holiday in Goa and during a routine RT-PCR test before catching a flight to Mumbai, his son came out as Covid positive. “We are both completely asymptomatic and were immediately quarantined pending further investigation,” Ranvir said. “The wave is real. #India.”

The actor starred in 420 IPC, which released earlier this month on Zee5. He plays the role of a Parsi prosecutor. “I grew up around the Parsi community in Mumbai,” he told media of his portrayal of lawyer Savak Jamshedji in the film. “There was a phase in my life where my girlfriend was Parsi, my best friend was Parsi, I was hanging out in the Parsi settlements. I have a lot of love and affinity for the community and I guess that happens. see in my performance.

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