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With the changing investment landscape in the Kingdom, the demand for service providers like BusinessLink is growing rapidly

The recent measures taken by the Kingdom make it a privileged center of investment and entrepreneurship throughout the world. Investors from India to UAE are looking for advantageous opportunities in Saudi Arabia. With this, the need for business service providers has increased more than ever.

In a recent meeting, Khalid A. Alsheddi, Executive Director of Investment, Advisory and Relations, Ministry of Investment in Saudi Arabia, spoke about opportunities for foreign investors in Saudi Arabia with support from Hatem El Safty, CEO of BusinessLink.

Business consulting firm BusinessLink helps businesses get established in Saudi Arabia. It helps investors to seize good opportunities. Foreign companies may find it difficult to get a feel for how Saudi Arabia works. In such a scenario, companies like BusinessLink help foreign investors grow their businesses and invest.

Saudi Arabia has seen an unprecedented surge in foreign investment of late.

Overall, the Kingdom has become a hub for foreign portfolio investors and in this scenario, the need for specialist business advisory firms like BusinessLink is growing more than ever.

In these changing circumstances, BusinessLink provides comprehensive services to all kinds of investors, whether individual or institutional.

BusinessLink provides services such as:

• Full-fledged professional legal advice on the best type of business start-up in Saudi Arabia

• Apply for SAGIA | MISA approval

• Register the company with the Ministry of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce

• Provide the local address of KSA according to the requirements

• Register the company with all government portals (MOL, GOSI, TVA, ZAKAT)

• Open the company’s bank account

• HR and Saudization services

BusinessLink makes it easy for businesses to start a business in Saudi Arabia.

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