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Safeen Feeders, one of the AD Ports group’s leading container refueling operators, has acquired a container ship that will strengthen its fleet of refueling services in the Persian Gulf.

Safeen Pearl, formerly known as Vega Virgo, will be deployed in its UAE Coastal Service (UCO) providing seamless connection to UAE coastal ports through its hub at Khalifa Port, according to a WAM report.

The UAE-Coastal Feeder Service provides shipping customers with a seamless connectivity solution that expedites last-leg deliveries between the group’s flagship, Khalifa port, and the coastal ports of Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Fujairah, while supporting the movement of goods and the optimization of local supply chains.

Additionally, the cost-effective service complements Safeen Feeder’s United Arab Emirates Indian Subcontinent (UIG) Gulf service which benefits exporters operating from the West Coast of India and Pakistan by allowing them to connect their volume to coastal ports of the United Arab Emirates.

It also provides a hub and spoke network option to major shipping lines calling at the port of Khalifa.

Captain Maktoum Al Houqani, Director of Enterprise Authority and Acting Head of Maritime Cluster – AD Ports Group, Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy, said:, and also brings a host of enhanced capabilities and indispensable capabilities within the ranks of our service fleet.

“As part of the UAE Coastal Food Service, Safeen Pearl will dramatically improve our ability to provide customers with a flexible, agile, sustainable and cost-effective solution that meets their demand for coastal service to the UAE from our hub in Khalifa It will also develop our ability to target customers in the Indian subcontinent and the Persian Gulf region and connect them with some of the largest ocean liners in the world.

Safeen Pearl has a Registered Gross Tonnage (GRT) of 10,000 tonnes and a rated handling capacity of 966 TEUs. It has an LOA of 139 meters, a width of 22.6 meters and a draft of 8.8 meters. It was built in South Korea in 2012.

Captain Abdulla Darwish Al Hayyas, Director of Maritime Transport Affairs at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, said: “The UAE has consolidated its pioneering position among the best maritime hubs in the world.

“The UAE’s ports rank among the top 10 internationally in terms of container handling volume. UAE ports handled over 19 million TEUs in 2020. The addition of Safeen Pearl to AD Ports Group’s food service fleet in the Persian Gulf will improve the UAE’s position and its maritime trade and transhipment capabilities.

“The registration of the vessel, which bears the flag of the United Arab Emirates, confirms that it meets all the requirements set by international organizations regarding the flag State in accordance with regulations and procedures that ensure the safety, protection of the environment and maritime safety.

“In addition, this decision also supports the UAE’s candidacy for re-election to the Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in Category B, which will take place next month; support the active role of the United Arab Emirates in the service of the maritime transport sector and international trade. “

Launched in 2020, Safeen Feeders was established to provide premium food services connecting Abu Dhabi with other crucial ports in the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf region and the Indian subcontinent. Safeen Feeders currently operates its services under a joint business agreement with Bengal Tiger Line (BTL), a well-known food service operator. The current service network offered by Safeen Feeders covers nine key ports in the target region and intends to extend its network coverage to Africa, other ports in the Middle East and Asia. – TradeArabia News Service

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“Our ambition is to develop a business ecosystem that brings more value to our customers” https://kempinski-ajman.com/our-ambition-is-to-develop-a-business-ecosystem-that-brings-more-value-to-our-customers/ Wed, 01 Dec 2021 20:00:30 +0000 https://kempinski-ajman.com/our-ambition-is-to-develop-a-business-ecosystem-that-brings-more-value-to-our-customers/

Martin G. Pedersen, President of IFZA
Image Credit: Provided

How have UAE free zones become a catalyst for the business community and start-ups over the past 50 years?

The UAE’s experience with free zones began in 1985, and over the next 36 years our industry has contributed significantly to increasing foreign investment in the country by lowering barriers to trade. Entrance. Each free zone is governed by its own set of trade laws; therefore, we are able to create a strategic cluster and target specific industries and contribute to the diversification of the economy at large.

How does IFZA Dubai facilitate growth in the UAE entrepreneurial landscape?

IFZA is known for its unique business model focused on building a strong global presence through our international network of professional partners which allows clients to easily access our services even outside the country. Through the IFZA Academy, we ensure the competence of our partners, wherever they are in the world. Our organizational model is built around an agile, customer-centric community so that we can meet the needs of our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

HHow do you plan to attract more investment to the UAE in the future?

Capitalizing on our strategic location in Dubai, we are serious about our ambition to develop a business ecosystem that delivers greater value to our clients beyond the simple offer of a free zone.

How does IFZA plan to mark the 50th UAE National Day?

The UAE National Day is just the start of our month-long celebration. In addition to our special promotion for the season, we will also unveil new initiatives as part of our commitment to the community and the country.

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United Arab Emirates: wealthy Gulf state looks beyond oil – business & finance https://kempinski-ajman.com/united-arab-emirates-wealthy-gulf-state-looks-beyond-oil-business-finance/ Tue, 30 Nov 2021 07:35:03 +0000 https://kempinski-ajman.com/united-arab-emirates-wealthy-gulf-state-looks-beyond-oil-business-finance/

ABU DHABI: The United Arab Emirates, which turns 50 on December 2, is a rich oil state and an economic center in the Gulf that has become one of the most influential countries in the region.

Majority of expatriates

The United Arab Emirates is a federal state made up of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah Umm al-Qaiwain and Ras al-Khaimah.

Ninety percent of its 10 million inhabitants are foreigners.

The capital Abu Dhabi, and especially Dubai, are extremely well-served air hubs and are also home to the regional headquarters of thousands of companies.

In recent years, the UAE has relaxed its residence regulations to boost its economy and attract more foreign investment.

Economic power

With an economy just behind Saudi Arabia in the Gulf, the Emirates is one of the easiest countries in the world to do business, according to the World Bank.

One of OPEC’s major oil producers, the federation’s rapid growth since the 1970s has been driven by its oil and gas wealth.

But having diversified its economy over the decades, it depends less and less on oil, its income now representing only 30% of its GDP.

In August, the United Arab Emirates joined the nuclear club, with the commissioning of the Barakah nuclear power plant, the first in the Arab world.

It also has one of the most vaccinated populations in the world against Covid-19, according to official sources.


With little oil but the Gulf’s most diverse economy, Dubai has grown from a fishing village to a major financial, transport and media hub in the space of a few decades.

Known for its glitzy shopping malls and forest of skyscrapers, including the tallest in the world, the Burj Khalifa, it has become a major tourist destination.

Abu Dhabi is home to a branch of the Louvre, with its art collection housed in a spectacular museum designed by French architect Jean Nouvel.

Expo 2020 Dubai opened in October after being postponed due to the Covid pandemic.

The first time that one of the world fairs has taken place in the Arab world, it is expected to attract millions of visitors before it closes on March 31.

Regional force

The Emirates and Gulf ally Bahrain normalized relations with Israel last year amid mounting tensions with Iran, which they have accused in the past of fueling tensions in the region.

The United Arab Emirates and Tehran have been at daggers drawn since 1971 over three disputed Gulf islands that Iran occupied.

The Emirates also restored diplomatic ties with Tehran in 2016, as rivalry between neighboring Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic intensified.

Despite the tensions, the two states maintained commercial ties.

Earlier this month, the UAE drew criticism from its US allies when its chief diplomat Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during the first official visit to Damascus since the start. of the civil war in Syria in 2011.

Hi everyone ‘MBZ’

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, also a ruler of Abu Dhabi, has rarely appeared in public since suffering a stroke in 2014.

Her half-brother, Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, or “MBZ”, is the de facto leader of the United Arab Emirates.

Space missions

The Emirates also aim to become a major player in science and technology, sending its first astronaut into space in 2019 for eight days aboard the International Space Station.

In February 2021, the United Arab Emirates sent a probe named “Amal” (Hope) into orbit around Mars, the first Arab country to achieve such a feat.

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Ajman Sea Festival ends with large audience https://kempinski-ajman.com/ajman-sea-festival-ends-with-large-audience/ Mon, 29 Nov 2021 07:09:03 +0000 https://kempinski-ajman.com/ajman-sea-festival-ends-with-large-audience/

The Ajman Tourism Development Department concluded the Ajman Sea Festival 2021 at Ajman Corniche and Al Zorah – Marina 1, attended by a large audience of water sports enthusiasts.

The event was hosted by the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club in association with the UAE Water Sports Federation on November 26-27.

This year’s Ajman Sea Festival competitions, considered the most dynamic challenge for jet ski racers as they require a high level of fitness and specialized equipment, attracted a large number of participants who competed. actively to be crowned victors.

The festival included the Emirates Jet Ski Marathon – Ajman Ride and the Emirates Moto Surf Championship – Ajman Ride.

The festival saw the coronation of Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Humaid Al Nuaimi as the winner of the “veterans category” of the Emirates Jet Ski Marathon – Ajman Ride, and Ahmed Rashid Dawaas in second place and Younes Al Awadi in third place .

As for the “Professional Category”, Rashid Al Swaidi came in first place, Abdulla Al Hwitat in second place and Salman Al Awadi in third place. The prizes for Emirates Moto Surf Championship – Ajman Ride have been split between three categories: Master, Challenger and Junior.

Total festival prizes reached 122,500 AED ($ 33,350). – TradeArabia News Service

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UAE overtakes recovery in global travel market: CBRE https://kempinski-ajman.com/uae-overtakes-recovery-in-global-travel-market-cbre/ Sun, 28 Nov 2021 08:34:40 +0000 https://kempinski-ajman.com/uae-overtakes-recovery-in-global-travel-market-cbre/

The UAE has passed the timid recovery in the global travel market, leading commercial and investment real estate services company CBRE said in its latest UAE hospitality market review.

Globally, partly due to seasonality and more recently due to the reinstatement of lockdowns in recent weeks, there was a resumption of the pick-up in slow flight numbers in November 2021.

In October, the number of daily flights for the month reached an average of nearly 95,000, as of November 21, it has fallen to about 90,500. From the beginning of the year until November 21, for compared to the same period in 2019, the average number of daily flights is 28.8% lower. While this is a marked improvement from 2020, when the average number of daily flights was 42.2% lower than the 2019 comparative figure, it is clear that the global travel recovery still has some way to go. Browse.

In contrast, Dubai International Airport has experienced a sustained recovery in recent months. From the beginning of the month to November 21 compared to the same period a year earlier, the percentage increase in the average number of daily flights to Dubai is almost three times the increase of 33.7% seen in the world. While the total number of flights and passengers in Dubai is still at a level below pre-pandemic levels, Dubai International Airport is expected to return to full operational capacity in the coming weeks and return to levels of before the pandemic within a year.

In October 2021, with the start of EXPO 2020 and increasing levels of international visits, we saw a significant increase in KPIs in the UAE. The average occupancy rate in the UAE in October was 78.8%, the highest level recorded in October since October 2015. In October 2021, Dubai recorded the highest occupancy rate by 80.7%. From the start of the year until October 2021, Ajman recorded an occupancy rate of 77.9%, the highest of any emirates.

On a year-over-year basis through October 2021, Dubai, Fujairah and Ajman recorded ADR increases of 14.9%, 13.8% and 3.9% respectively, overall the United Arab Emirates saw their ADR increase by 13.6%. During this period, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah were the only markets to see ADRs drop, with rates falling 1.5% and 0.5% respectively.

RevPAR in the United Arab Emirates increased 44.9% year-on-year from the start of the year through October 2021. During this period Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah saw their respective RevPAR increases by 57.1 %, 51.0% and 37.3%. Abu Dhabi’s RevPAR rose 5.9% more moderately, which is not surprising given Abu Dhabi’s longer-lasting pandemic restrictions.

Taimur Khan, Head of Research – MENA at CBRE in Dubai, said: “With increasing international footfall, an increasing number of locations around the world going into lockdown and a number of events planned at EXPO 2020, we envision both international and domestic leisure tourism, combined with the return of business tourism, will continue to support strong levels of performance across the UAE. “- TradeArabia News Service

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Autonomous vehicles will soon become a reality in the UAE https://kempinski-ajman.com/autonomous-vehicles-will-soon-become-a-reality-in-the-uae/ Tue, 23 Nov 2021 09:37:15 +0000 https://kempinski-ajman.com/autonomous-vehicles-will-soon-become-a-reality-in-the-uae/

Autonomous vehicles will soon become a reality in the United Arab Emirates, with the country becoming the first in the Middle East and the second in the world to test self-driving cars on the streets.

This historic announcement will bring a revolutionary change in the future of the automotive and technological industry, both so central to society and the economy – so much a part of people’s daily lives – that the reality of autonomous vehicles will change. the lives of people in the most remarkable way. manners.

Developing the future of transport, vehicles and systems requires that the whole ecosystem work in tandem, this results in intense collaboration between innovators, automakers, telecoms, government departments among others.

With the region’s first 5G autonomous vehicle shuttle to circulate on Ajman’s public roads last month, an initiative led by government accelerator AjmanX and Etisalat was in line with the country’s long-term ambition of digital travel. leadership and the national agenda seeking to place the country among the best in the world in autonomous transport made possible by the 5G network and advanced technologies.

Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Director of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, said: “Today Ajman is one of the most advanced emirates in terms of exploiting technologies in all aspects. of the work and life of our residents. As we constantly explore opportunities to shape more sustainable, resilient and human-centric urban mobility systems, this exclusive autonomous shuttle powered by Etisalat 5G is an important part of our digital transformation initiative bringing the latest technologies and innovations to the emirate. With the country ready to celebrate its Golden Jubilee and the UAE leadership’s vision for the future of autonomous transport, we will continue to work to achieve the country’s digital goals by contributing to the growth of the emirate and the economy. “

Collaboration is essential, from regulation to connectivity, mobility and the human factor must all come together to develop an ecosystem that enables integration and capable of delivering the solution.

“In order to launch AjmanX’s 5G autonomous shuttle, Etisalat worked closely with a team of mobility experts to create the solution design with each partner playing their role which is the OEM autonomous vehicle, the cellular vehicle to any technology. [C-V2X], 5G connectivity and automotive artificial intelligence (AI).

In addition to deploying the network, Etisalat has built an ecosystem of partners for this project with technology companies like Navya, IoN, Derg and Acacus in order to come up with a strong autonomous car proposal that has contributed to the success of the 5G autonomous shuttle in Ajman. Explained Masood M Sharif Mahmood, CEO, Etisalat UAE.

In the project, Navya, specialist in autonomous mobility systems in partnership with ION contributed as an autonomous car OEM while Derq specialized in vehicle-to-all communication (V2X) and Acacus with its know-how en AI automobile brought its common expertise to a platform to enable the implementation of the 5G shuttle in Ajman.

With the support of Ajman’s government, local police and transportation authorities, this was a great opportunity to turn the future of technology and the successful deployment of mobility use cases into a service of public utility offering the best experience for all citizens and tourists visiting the emirate.

Infrastructure plays a critical role in empowering the future of the network, especially for the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility and autonomous technologies. In terms of building this future, Etisalat has continuously invested over the years to become the fastest in the world and provide a platform like 5G and the latest LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) LTE-M (Upgrading to long term for machines) and to connect vehicles to traffic controllers, traffic lights, buildings and all other elements that also improve road safety.

This is important for the connected car market, telematics solutions and for eCall (emergency call) which is a new system to improve the speed of response in the event of a road accident, where vehicles equipped with this new technology, are connected via eSIM solutions provided by Etisalat.

Along with 5G, there are already other implementations in smart cities, ports, and other industries with dedicated 5G private networks that support ultra-low latency features seen as the prerequisites for any autonomous transport.

Etisalat has worked on a variety of stand-alone projects over a period of time, Mahmood said: “To cite free trade zones as a use case, Etisalat has been working on providing stand-alone solutions that will soon be replicated on campuses. academics across the country. In ports, which are critical use cases, the project involved remote management and operations from anywhere in the country with the UAE as the base to be able to handle a national emergency. “

This is just the start as the market is changing at a rapid pace, shifting to other passenger transport and verticals targeting use cases such as freight delivery, warehouse logistics, telematics port, as well as robotics and drones.

Etisalat will continue to work closely with automakers, local governments and transport authorities across the emirates of the United Arab Emirates, to bridge the gap for residents with these technologies becoming a way of life and a gateway to life. future by creating a safer and healthier society. TradeArabia News Service

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Foreign debt of $ 3.898 billion contracted in 4 months – Business & Finance https://kempinski-ajman.com/foreign-debt-of-3-898-billion-contracted-in-4-months-business-finance/ Mon, 22 Nov 2021 22:54:22 +0000 https://kempinski-ajman.com/foreign-debt-of-3-898-billion-contracted-in-4-months-business-finance/

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan incurred $ 3.898 billion in external debt from multiple funding sources in the first four months (July-October) of 2021-2022, including $ 866.43 million from foreign commercial banks (22 %) of total budgeted external loans of $ 14.088 billion for the entire fiscal year.

Data from the Ministry of Economic Affairs shows the government received $ 2.773 billion in non-project assistance in the first four months of the current fiscal year, including $ 2.308 billion in program / budget support, a credit short term of $ 446.31 million and TDP of $ 18.37 million.

A further $ 1.124 billion was received in project assistance during the reporting period.

The government has budgeted foreign aid estimates of $ 14.088 billion for the current fiscal year, including $ 13.871 billion in loans and $ 217.44 million in grants from multilateral and bilateral sources.

External inflows during the corresponding period (July-October) of fiscal year 2020-21 amounted to $ 3.255 billion including $ 566 million from foreign commercial banks against the budgeted amount of $ 12.233 billion.

The country received $ 692.57 million from multiple sources of funding in October 2021, of which $ 408.89 million from foreign commercial banks, or 59 percent.

Total revenues of $ 3.898 billion represent $ 1.869 billion from the multilateral, $ 120.20 million from the bilateral, $ 866.43 million from foreign commercial banks and $ 1.041 billion from bond issuance.

The government borrowed $ 866.43 million from foreign commercial banks in the first four months of the current fiscal year, including $ 215 million from Dubai Bank, $ 319.93 million from SCB (London) including ($ 138.39 million in October), $ 61 million to Ajman Bank PJSC and $ 270.50. million Swiss AG, UBL and ABL in October 2021.

Among the multilateral development partners, mainly the Asian Development Bank provided $ 581.01 million, the World Bank disbursed $ 791.91 million, the AIIB $ 37.77 million and the IDB (S-Term ) $ 446.31 million.

China did not pay any amount in the second consecutive month, namely October 2021; However, the country received $ 73.35 million in the first two months (July-August) of the current fiscal year, the United States $ 25.99 million, Korea $ 2.06 million, the United Kingdom $ 10.01 million and Germany $ 3.33 million.

Copyright Business Recorder, 2021

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Local start-ups gain investment opportunities to enter the business world https://kempinski-ajman.com/local-start-ups-gain-investment-opportunities-to-enter-the-business-world/ Wed, 17 Nov 2021 12:49:12 +0000 https://kempinski-ajman.com/local-start-ups-gain-investment-opportunities-to-enter-the-business-world/

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: “Aqdar Bootcamp”, an initiative launched by the GADHA Foundation, recently enabled 10 innovative projects created by young Emirati talent to enter the business market, during the last edition of “Aqdar World Summit ”which ended recently.

This initiative, launched by the “GADHA Foundation”, a leading national institution which aims to empower and train young entrepreneurs by offering workshops, training courses and consultations with individuals or companies from various sectors in using a group of multi-talented experts in the youth field. empowerment that is part of the UAE’s vision for the next 50 years.

Emphasizing the robust orientation of the UAE economy which focuses on supporting and strengthening the private sector by motivating the younger generations to create a group of entrepreneurs and businessmen who are working to build a future brilliant for the country’s economy and to maintain the futuristic vision of innovation and sustainability, the GADHA Foundation and through “Aqdar Bootcamp” have refined creative ideas and innovations while turning them into real and competitive projects.

Throughout the training camp and for an entire month, the foundation provided 30 hours of in-depth training on 10 remarkable ideas which were chosen from 73 others submitted by more than 100 people. The pre-selected projects have been trained to acquire the necessary characteristics in order to manage their own future project and to seek new investors.

Commenting on the occasion, Eng. Khaled Al Attar, President of the GADHA Foundation declared: “GADHA is pleased to announce that 10 project leaders have received the total support necessary to begin their journey of competence. It was a tough competition, especially at the beginning because we felt that the majority of the projects deserved to be qualified but we are sure that we made the right choice by choosing the most deserving projects. We wish all owners the best and look forward to their success in the industry.

“Our goal at GADHA is to fully support the younger generation, as they are the future of the UAE. I am delighted to announce that the 10 qualified owners of “Aqdar Bootcamp” have managed to collect the necessary investments that will allow them to start their projects, which have turned their thoughts into a way to build their businesses thanks to them and the support that we brought them. . ” He added.

The supported start-ups were able to register their businesses and start leading economic initiatives thanks to the generous support of the Ajman Free Zone and the Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (DTEC). Four of these companies have already received investment offers from different companies as well.

“Here in the United Arab Emirates we have many young talents who are striving to launch sustainable projects, but do not have the right advice and the opportunity to present their revolutionary ideas which we hope will reach a international level. ” He added.

These initiatives and projects aim to enhance the competitive digital economy of the country and create a sustainable environment that supports advanced technologies at a time when the UAE is reaching world records in this sector, especially after being ranked among the top best countries in the world for digital transformation.


For more details, contact:
Iman Dawod
Public relations manager
Mobile: 050 817 5305
Email: iman.dawod@index.ae

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Welcome to IANS Live – BUSINESS https://kempinski-ajman.com/welcome-to-ians-live-business/ Wed, 17 Nov 2021 02:37:58 +0000 https://kempinski-ajman.com/welcome-to-ians-live-business/

Photo credit: IANS


Dubai, Nov 16 (IANS) Small airlines attending the ongoing Dubai Airshow have said they are looking to forge more than just India-UAE business relations during their five-day stay at the show which takes place in Al Maktoum. Dubai World Central International Airport here until November 18.

It comes as new Indian airline Akasa Air has placed an order of nearly $ 9 billion with Boeing for 72 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to build its fleet on a day when the total value of contracts awarded for commercial aircraft and defense jumped $ 17.5 billion, reaching Dh266 billion ($ 72 billion) after the first three days of what is the largest aviation show since events resumed after the Covid pandemic -19.

No less than 15 Indian companies specializing in various aspects of aviation and defense exhibit at the region’s largest aviation event, which hosts more than 1,200 companies from 148 countries. Many of them are newbies looking to build long-term relationships with companies and agencies in the UAE and the wider region.

“We came here not as a one-time commitment, but with the intention of staying and expanding our base,” said Mitesh Rathod, CEO of Swast Aviation, a Navsari, Gujarat-based company specializing in manufacturing. aviation lubricants and adhesives. , including hydraulic brake fluids.

“We also export our products. So we thought this was the best place for someone like us looking to do business with private airlines and small companies operating beyond the borders of India.” , he added.

Bengaluru-based Bevel Gears (India) Pvt Ltd may not be a newbie to this biennial event, but it’s a new milestone for them yet again with the easing of travel restrictions from Covid-19 in the world.

“We have been in the business of designing and manufacturing gears and transmissions for over 40 years and are a regular at this event. But this time, we hope to open a new chapter in our history with the possibility of supplying our products to countries in this region, ”said Abdulla Jamal, director of operations of the company specializing in bevel gears that find applications in various sectors. , including locomotives, marine, automobiles, printing presses, cooling towers, power plants, steel mills, railways track inspection as well as aviation where bevel gear systems are widely used. used in aircraft gas turbine (GTE) engine drives.

The opposite is true for Favia International of the United Arab Emirates. As a supplier of aircraft and helicopter parts and chemicals, the Ajman-based company focuses on transporting its business to Indian shores.

“So far we have managed one-off projects for companies in India, working remotely from the UAE, but with the reopening of the companies we hope to seize a great opportunity here and maybe set up a second base there. on a permanent basis, “said Nazeeb Backer, the customer service manager for the company which also meddles with aircraft consumables and wires and connectors.

Contracts worth around $ 55 billion were signed in the first two days of the event, with Boeing’s deal with Akasa being the largest to date at the US giant’s airshow.

abhishek / arm

Update: 16-November-2021

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Select Group launches Peninsula Two in the heart of Dubai’s Business Bay https://kempinski-ajman.com/select-group-launches-peninsula-two-in-the-heart-of-dubais-business-bay/ Tue, 09 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000 https://kempinski-ajman.com/select-group-launches-peninsula-two-in-the-heart-of-dubais-business-bay/

Image Credit: Provided

Select Group, one of the region’s largest private real estate developers, has announced the launch of the 36-story Peninsula Two tower located in the heart of Dubai’s Business Bay. This accelerated launch is the result of very successful sales on Peninsula One.

Living on the waterfront at its best, Peninsula Two will offer a unique blend of residential and commercial units in the heart of Business Bay with sweeping views of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the famous downtown skyline and Dubai’s serene canal, all thanks to precise strategic planning. Aimed at modern professionals, Peninsula Two offers residents a range of amenities on their doorstep with an adjacent 66,000 square foot shopping center that will house the daily needs of the busy millennial. A large-scale high-end supermarket stands alongside stylish waterfront cafes and restaurants, while salons, barbers, a pharmacy, and convenience stores keep the necessities close to you.

“We are delighted to reveal our plans for Peninsula Two, following the success of Peninsula One which has clearly illustrated the market appetite for community and lifestyle driven development at Business Bay. We are not only creating a unique real estate offering, but building a neighborhood designed to promote and foster an active and engaging lifestyle in all areas, ”said Rahail Aslam, CEO of Select Group.

Scheduled for completion in Q4 2024, Peninsula Two will be part of the first suburban-style ecosystem in the heart of Dubai’s bustling Business Bay. It will provide residents with a comprehensive community experience on their doorstep. With access to numerous well-maintained parks, unrivaled communal sports facilities, a waterfront market with a range of restaurants and cafes, a variety of entertainment venues and hotels, the peninsula presents a completely enriched lifestyle community.

The units in this highly anticipated development range from stylish studios to one and two bedroom apartments that will be adjacent to a 66,000 square foot community shopping center. Peninsula is located in Business Bay, one of the best connected places in Dubai city. Located near Dubai Old Town, Downtown, DIFC and Marina, it offers residents unrestricted access to all of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.

The peninsula will be delivered in phases over the next 5-7 years and will feature 9 unique developments, ranging from high rise towers to luxurious low rise waterfront villas and bellesx.

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