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Recently, the demand for social media has increased, and we are confident that this will continue.

Published: Tue, Jul 12, 2022, 10:53 AM

Who do you think benefited the most? We think it’s the influencers. Seeing their growing demand, a new company called IMDDXB was formed. Guess who is the founder of this company? The one and only Rahul Kaul!

After taking his leading events and entertainment company, Dejavu, to new heights of success, this man has now launched an influencer marketing company that is causing waves in the business and digital world. Speaking about his new launch, Rahul Kaul said, “There is a cosmic number of influencers catering to different niches so it is difficult for brands to find the right influencer and that is when the idea to launch IMDDXB crossed kauls mind.

The idea behind the company is to create a one-stop-shop for every digital requirement,” added Rahul Kaul. IMDDXB aims to cover all verticals of the digital space.

The name IMDDXB is an acronym for Influencer Marketing; content marketing and strategy; Data analysis; digital communication; X-Factor for your brand; and bring brands to life. You see, the company aims to give you full coverage to make your brand a success in the digital space. Moreover, the quality of the services provided by them is unquestionable.

Speaking about the future expectations of IMDDXB, Rahul Kaul added, “We want to connect with influencers around the world and work with top brands. We want the IMDDXB name to be on top of influencer marketing.”

This company isn’t here to just make your insta grid pretty; he was created to be a trendsetter.

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