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Located on a 400-meter private beach, Ajman Hotel is the ultimate resort for discerning travelers.

With well-appointed rooms offering spectacular views of the clear blue waters of the Persian Gulf, the property has been recognized as Ajman’s best hotel a total of six times by World Travel Awards voters.

With a wide selection of on-site dining options and extensive leisure facilities, there’s no need to leave the property to experience the best of Middle Eastern hospitality.

However, if guests venture outside, downtown Dubai – and the Burj Khalifa – is only half an hour away, while Sharjah’s sights including the Gold Souq and Al Noor Mosque, are just a 15 minute drive away.

Here, Breaking Travel News chats with George Gantchev, the hotel’s general manager, to see how the company is adjusting to the challenges presented by Covid-19 and what we can expect from tourism in Ajman this year.

Breaking Travel News: It’s no secret tourism in the Middle East has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, but the Ajman Hotel has been open during a troubling time. How did you ensure the safety of the guests?

George Gantchev: I want to thank you for your excellent initiative in doing these interviews, so that we can all keep the pulse of our industry despite the global situation.

Coming back to your question: We must all give immense credit to the immediate measures taken by the government of the United Arab Emirates.

For us, the health and safety of our customers and employees was and remains our top priority.

The Ajman hotel managed by Blazon Hotels is proud to offer a wide range of dining and entertainment options on site; Due to the Covid situation, we have had to cease operation of our sites and reduce our hotel activities to a minimum to comply with detailed instructions by the government and Ajman’s tourism development department.

I would also like to thank my team for their support, responsiveness and diligence – strict hygiene and disinfection measures were taken promptly and exercised regularly.

Ground rules – such as installing disinfectants in hotel public areas, wearing masks and gloves when interacting with guests, regular sanitizing of public areas, and pest control – have been put in place. works with immediate effect and are constantly reviewed to ensure a safe and healthy environment. .

Currently, the hotel has only one restaurant open to meet the needs of internal guests.

We recently opened our beach to the public, while the swimming pool, with restrictions, is now open to hotel guests.

In addition, our team remains available to assist customers and business partners with questions related to reservations, stays and promotions.

BTN: What changes have you had to make in the operation of the hotel given the evolution of the health situation in the region?

GG: The Ajman hotel has not closed its doors, but the global situation demands that we all be more enterprising, as this is not a normal or usual situation for five star hotels.

What we are certain of right now is that we are living in a time of uncertainty and that we must adapt and take responsibility for containing and protecting our guests, our employees and our community.

We operate at minimum occupancy and our clients are primarily residents of the United Arab Emirates.

As previously mentioned, we have suspended the operation of all eating places except the one that caters to customer needs internally and it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We also rearranged the restaurant settings to maintain social distancing.

The hygiene and disinfection of public spaces, occupied rooms, corridors, catering points are carried out regularly by the housekeeping team.

And yet, as a team, we have never forgotten that despite this limited operation, we must provide five star service and quality.

BTN: How would you describe the situation in Ajman more generally? Did the destination weather the storm successfully?

GG: This situation has had a serious impact on the entire industry around the world – it will take time to recover.

The most important thing is to keep yourself and your team up to date with absolutely everything and trying to break into the different niches available.

You need to be alert and open to learn and to compromise.

As for Ajman and Ajman Hotel at the moment, our business is focused on the local residential market.

We are closely monitoring all local mandates, reassessing the situation and adapting our business to it with an imperative to prioritizing the health and safety of absolutely everyone.

BTN: With worldwide travel restrictions lifted, what can guests expect if they visit the Ajman Hotel, and Ajman more generally, later in the year?

GG: First, a safe environment, and second, genuine service and incredible indoor and outdoor facilities that guests can enjoy when their trip brings them back to the UAE and Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotels.

At the moment, as mentioned, travelers cannot fly but they can drive.

Ajman is a beautiful place not far from Dubai.

Ajman and Ajman Hotel’s unique selling point is the open natural beach.

The hotel has the largest private beach and all rooms overlook the sea.

It is the perfect place to get away from it all for people to come and have a relaxed vacation.

At Ajman Hotel, guests can savor a wide range of on-site dining options and enjoy extensive leisure facilities without ever having to leave the property.

I think this is the ultimate resort backdrop for those who love nature and the sea.

BTN: The Ajman Hotel was recognized as one of the best in the industry by voters at the World Travel Awards. How do such accolades help you get your message across to consumers around the world?

GG: I definitely have to travel back in time two years ago because it all started with the rebranding of a well-known property run and managed by hospitality pioneer Kempinski.

In the beginning, we had to devote a lot of time and resources to accomplish the rebranding and the recovery plan.

For me it was important to calculate all the pros and cons to ensure outstanding performance given that Blazon Hotels is a new five star brand, and it was very important for me and the team to generate new business opportunities to strengthen trust between the group and the key players in the market.

It’s no secret that renaming a property that has always been known as Kempinski for years was certainly a challenge; however, the determination and support of the team has led us to successfully reposition ourselves in the industry.

The title of Ajman’s Leading Hotel that the hotel won at the World Travel Awards in April of last year was a huge achievement for me and my team – a great achievement after months of hard work.

More information

Located on the Ajman Corniche, Ajman Hotel is just minutes from major tourist attractions.

The property offers many options for discovering the heritage of the UAE’s smallest, or a chance to just relax on the beach.

Learn more on the official website.

Blazon offers expertise in the skills that serve customers by delivering a bespoke menu of service and choice anytime, anywhere.

Find out more here.

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