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Asif Rehman. – Photo provided

Billionaire Concierge is Dubai’s most exclusive luxury concierge and lifestyle management service.

Posted: Mon Nov 1, 2021, 5:07 PM

Entrepreneurs who started fast growing businesses have often been successful in reaching the top and getting the momentum they want for their brands and businesses. Entrepreneurs are determined, making sure they go all out and propel their business concepts into their markets to achieve unprecedented success.

AR Billionaire Concierge led by one of those entrepreneurs sharing his passion for unparalleled service, named Asif Rehman, aka AR Billionaire.

The provision of ‘concierge services’ is a competitive field, diversified through clients and locations across the globe and Asif has firmly made its mark in the industry by excelling in service delivery, through its agility. , his passion and a clear direction.

“The UAE is known to welcome new talent and companies,” said Asif, who often spends time in Dubai, acknowledging the immense opportunities the country offers.

Asif accelerated the establishment of its concierge business with the real goal of offering its leading clients some of the most exemplary services offered by invitation only.

AR Billionaire Concierge is considered the fastest growing concierge company in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. It serves the Royal Family, prominent celebrities and high net worth individuals with 24/7 global service and a dedicated Lifestyle Manager.

AR Billionaire Concierge has worked with Paris Hilton, Kourtney Kardashian, Zayn Malik and Karim Benzema, to name a few.

Their premier luxury services include yacht rentals, exclusive trips and VIP experiences, red carpet access, access to luxury goods and more. Rehman said, “We pride ourselves on delivering beyond expectations to all of our customers with comprehensive lifestyle management, from daily errands and reservations, to individual, corporate and business packages, which can include planning everything from special occasions to corporate events. ” [email protected]

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