Angolan delegation explores opportunities in industrial city of Dubai

A business delegation from Angola traveled to Dubai Industrial City (DI) to explore opportunities for collaboration in the context of the West African country’s strategy to boost industrialization and develop a hub of manufacturing.

The delegation, led by Victor Francisco dos Santos Fernandes, Minister of Trade and Industry, was received by Saud Abu Alshawareb, CEO of DI, who provided an overview of the business district’s leading role in the growth an advanced and sustainable manufacturing sector. in the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Alshawareb said: “With its strategic location in the Persian Gulf, Dubai has long acted as a trade gateway for African countries seeking to export their products to the wider Middle East. There are currently over 21,000 African companies operating in Dubai, a number that has grown by over 25% in the past four years.

As the two leaders discussed the importance of food security, Abu Alshawareb highlighted the important role that DI plays in helping the UAE achieve its long-term goals in this area.

“Dubai Industrial City works closely with the UAE Ministry of Environment and Food Safety and has a dedicated F&B area.

“We have over 23.5 million square feet of land dedicated to the F&B industry and provide an agile and flexible environment for businesses to reach two-thirds of the world’s population within eight hours. “

Abu Alshawareb provided the delegation with an overview of DI facilities and partner case studies, also explaining how the district is playing a key role in achieving the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, which aims to transform the emirate into a global platform for knowledge, sustainable, and innovative industries. Out of the six sectors that Dubai seeks to develop under this vision, DI is working on capacity building for FMCGs and machinery and equipment.

Fernandes said: “We wanted to see what we can learn here that could help us accelerate the economic growth of our own country. I can see that there are many opportunities here to facilitate trade and investment between Angola and UAE.

“Restructuring the economy is one of our main areas of focus and there are several lessons we can learn from the UAE in this regard, as a country that has successfully diversified its economy away from the dependence on oil. “

The visiting delegation also visited two F&B facilities at DI: the Asmak seafood processing facility, followed by Anorka Food Industries.

At the Asmak factory, which is a hub of seafood processing and logistics, Asmak senior management gave Abu Alshawareb and Fernandes a tour of the factory, which covers both locally caught and imported fish and shrimp. The region’s largest seafood facility performs a wide range of fish processing activities, including boning fish and smoking salmon.

The facility, opened earlier this year with an investment of over Dh200 million, has the capacity to process, store and distribute a quarter of the seafood consumed in the United Arab Emirates.

While visiting Anorka Food Industries in Dubai Industrial City, the Angolan delegation was greeted by Belal Mohamad Al Hamwi, CEO of Anorka Food Industries, who guided them through the coffee bean roasting and processing areas of installation.

Anorka Food Industries is a coffee maker that exports “Made in UAE” brand coffee and coffee-based beverages to a wide range of international markets, including Canada.

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