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BCC Group Launches New Divisions to Meet Growing Job Opportunities Across All Categories in UAE

Several lives were affected during the Covid-19 crisis, people and economies are taking the brunt of it. However, two years later, the world economy is slowly recovering and gradually returning to normal. Businesses and employment opportunities are slowly starting to expand, and new opportunities are starting to seep into what was a black hole since the start of the pandemic.

BCC Group, based in the United Arab Emirates, fills this gap with its recently launched expansion program. The company has introduced two new divisions in its department – Construction and Interior Design which covers a wide range of job categories.

The 10-year labor supply company will cover the full spectrum of blue, white, pink, red or purple collar jobs. Their offer also includes freshers with no previous market experience, who have a lot to gain from this decision.

In addition, the launch of this intensive program coincides with the opening of Expo 2020 Dubai, which is expected to accelerate the growth of employment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates.

The new divisions were launched by the BCC group on October 4, with the publication of a brochure by Sharjah’s Ministry of Employment official Hassan Ameen Yakoob, popular Malayalam actress Mamta Mohandas, CEO Amjad Sithara and his wife and COO of the group, Marjana Amjad.

In addition to helping individuals recruit, the company is also actively engaged in humanitarian grounds such as providing support to those in need of housing. Hundreds of workers stranded in the United Arab Emirates during the pandemic have been offered shelter, a project personally carried out by the company’s CEO, Amjad.

The group has a long standing reputation in human resources and manpower supply, and has provided opportunities for thousands of skilled, semi-skilled and professional professionals.

The company remains constantly active in supporting new recruits, and invites job seekers to contact them at [email protected]

For more information on the BCC group, visit and

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