Amazon’s new voice app lets hotel guests chat with Mickey

“Hey, Disney! Could become a familiar sound in homes and Walt Disney World Resorts around the world next year, thanks to a new voice assistant from Amazon powered by Alexa.

The tech company has partnered with Disney to launch the first Alexa Personalized Assistant for Amazon Echo devices.

Launched in 2022, “Hey, Disney! Allows users to interact with all of their favorite Disney characters through an Echo device at home or while staying at a Walt Disney World Resort.

“We’re bringing Disney worlds straight to Echo devices with ‘Hey, Disney!’ Said Dave Limp, senior vice president of Amazon Devices and Services.

“By combining the strength of Alexa technology with Disney’s unmatched storytelling expertise, we are creating the next generation of immersive experiences to make guest vacations more memorable and provide our guests with a way to make their a little more magical house too.

Disney stories, quizzes and awakenings

Fans will be able to chat with Disney characters, hear the story of a beloved Pixar star, ask questions of Marvel heroes, or hang out with their favorite Star Wars character.

The paid feature will feature interactive Disney storytelling experiences, quizzes, jokes, trivia and fun facts with familiar voices of Mickey Mouse, Nemo, Olaf and more.

Disney fans can also use the app to set timers, reminders, and weather forecasts with the voices of their favorite stars onscreen.

Hey, Disney! will be installed in rooms at Walt Disney World Resorts. It’s part of the company’s plans to use Amazon’s Alexa to improve hospitality services.

Guests can ask Disney to bring clean towels or more blankets, provide an alarm clock, or get advice on the fastest way to get to the theme park in the morning.

The voice assistant was produced using original voice and audio recordings of the characters and there are over 1000 interactions for users to experience. Disney will also introduce a new magical character who will guide users through the voice-activated service.

Update: September 29, 2021, 8:35 a.m.

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