Ajman reports 41% growth in commercial licenses in 2021

The growth rate in the number of economic licenses issued by Ajman’s Economic Development Department (Ajman DED) during the current year has reached 41%, according to a press report.

Meanwhile, the number of establishments reached 27,913 and the Work Resilience Index reached 17%, the Emirates news agency reported. WAM.

The efforts and initiatives launched by DED Ajman during the current year have resulted in a high growth rate of the Taziz program at around 238%. The ministry is continuing its efforts to support the industrial sector, attract investment, promote industrial products and encourage the initiators of small and medium-scale projects while opening up new horizons for entrepreneurship.

Abdulla Ahmed Al Hemrani Alshamsi, Managing Director of Ajman DED, said: “The department has made unremitting efforts during the current year to develop the economic and industrial sectors to push the wheel of global development through many initiatives.

He highlighted the department’s efforts to develop digital services and achieve a percentage of 88% on the customer satisfaction index regarding the services provided through the website. The rate of change for all services was 100 percent, which helped save time and effort for investors in addition to providing distinguished service to them.

Al Hemrani added that Ajman’s DED supports the industrial sector, where factories in the emirate have reached 1,047. The industrial sector accounts for 20 percent of the emirate’s GDP. The department has provided numerous initiatives that support emirate’s exporters, including logistics passport services, which have benefited 105 beneficiaries. A cooperation agreement was also concluded with Abu Dhabi regarding exports to support the export, where the number of beneficiaries reached 16 beneficiaries.

He said the ministry signed 54 agreements in the current year and the partner satisfaction rate reached 85 percent, while the ministry’s partner satisfaction rate was 81 percent. The partnership efficiency rate was 98%, while the total transactions resulting from the partnerships amounted to 174,671 transactions.

Al Hemrani stressed that the department has spared no effort to fully support investors and owners of SMEs, through several initiatives, including events and exhibitions, among which participation in the Fifty exhibition, an initiative in Ajman which promotes owners of SMEs, where 45 beneficiaries have benefited from the initiative, and from the initiative “The Best”, which has strengthened the competitiveness of owners to offer the best to customers.

He also noted that the department contributed to the employment of the unemployed with a rate of 8.5% through the Taziz program, which carried out 144 feasibility studies for various projects, of which 7% were converted into existing projects which support economic development.

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