Ajman Free Zone launches AI and robotic hub at Gitex

In support of the UAE’s 2031 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy, Ajman Free Zone launched its AI and robotics hub at Gitex Global 2021, in addition to signing five separate agreements with major global technology companies.

The Free Zone, which is part of Ajman’s government pavilion, said its new integrated center provides digital access to its services such as business registration, visa sponsorship, residence visa application, and many others. Over 9,000 businesses and institutions operating in its community will benefit from its fully digital business system.

The artificial intelligence and robotics hub will empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises, academic institutions and government entities. In addition to having digital access to services, companies and organizations registered in the free zone can also take advantage of the hub to develop, improve and promote their products and services, as well as participate in training programs and events. such as webinars.

Eng Ali AlSuwaidi, General Manager of Ajman Free Zone, said: “The launch is part of our commitment to extend our support to our partners and to use the latest technological innovations to add value to our services and products. It is also our response to guidance from Ajman’s astute management to modernize services in the emirate by adopting new technologies and keeping pace with current and future trends and developments.

“Through this initiative, we also aim to show our support for the UAE’s strategy for AI 2031, which aims to position the UAE as a global leader in the AI ​​industry. Innovation and entrepreneurship are essential to the national economy and essential to achieve the desired transformation in the digital age. In addition, the new platform will allow us to make AI and robotics the basic pillars of our research activities which can support various organizations in all sectors, including education, ”AlSuwaidi added.

He further noted that the free zone had organized the launch during Gitex to highlight the importance of the first exhibition, the largest technology fair in the Mena region. According to him, the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Hub will stimulate the growth of companies operating in the free zone by guaranteeing them access to a wider network of technological leaders and by allowing them to develop their innovative ideas with economic value.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines of its stake in Gitex, Ajman Free Zone has signed five memoranda of understanding with Huawei Cloud, AI Directions, Nippon, Action to Action and Project Management Institute (PMI) to boost technology-focused investments. AI and robotics. . The parties also agreed to simplify the workflow and improve the quality of services provided to businesses and investors in Ajman and the United Arab Emirates.

AlSuwaidi explained that Ajman Free Zone’s expanding network of strategic partners allows it to connect with large companies that can influence and help shape the future of key industries. “Through our joint efforts with leading international companies, we can further increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Ajman Free Zone by improving our digital capabilities and improving our value-added services delivered through a platform. integrated. We will continue to provide quick and easy access to our wide range of cost effective facilities, incentives and innovative solutions based on current and emerging business and investor needs.

AlSuwaidi added, “The MoUs are very important because they are focused on the tech industry, which is an important sector for us. These partnerships reflect our continued commitment to develop our digital infrastructure and accelerate our digital transformation. Through our various operations, services and procedures, we can establish a more attractive, competitive and inclusive business environment that brings happiness to customers. “

“Ajman Free Zone is prioritizing automation in line with our digital transformation initiatives. Through our effective partnerships with government and private sectors, we can facilitate modern business processes and optimally serve businesses and investors while strengthening Ajman and the UAE’s leadership on the economic and business fronts. investment, ”he added.

As part of its partnership with Huawei Cloud, Ajman Free Zone will be the global consulting partner. The free zone will lead and use available resources to bring value to the Ajman community. The two sides agreed to promote cloud solutions in the local business community.

The cooperation of the free zone with AI Directions includes the use of technological resources and the implementation of state-of-the-art equipment to support the digital transformation of the first and improve its capabilities in AI and robotics. The two sides also agreed to offer training programs and awareness workshops on advanced technologies to employees and customers in the free zone.

For Nippon, which is one of the oldest companies in the business world, the Ajman Free Zone-Nippon MoU focuses on improving the tech sector and strengthening the artificial intelligence and robotics hub.

The strategic partnership between the free zone and Action to Action covers various areas, ensuring their updating with rapid technological developments They agreed to adopt modern mechanisms to achieve operational efficiency and ease of procedures to achieve satisfaction and customer happiness. Action to Action is one of the region’s leading service providers.

Last but not least is the free zone partnership with PMI. As part of their MoU, they will focus on building human resource capacity, exchanging knowledge and experiences, providing project management services and organizing events, conferences and vocational training. Ajman Free Zone looks forward to benefiting from the expertise of the institute, which is one of the world’s leading institutions for the development of project management skills.

The free zone continues to expand its partnerships with major institutions and companies, including Ajman University and the UAE Development Bank. In addition, it remains committed to improving its digital infrastructure and integrating cutting-edge technologies into its operations to make it easier to do business and attract more investors. Its commitment is aligned with its mission to position Ajman as a premier destination for regional and global businesses. TradeArabia News Service

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