66% of UAE visited a hotel or restaurant for a luxury high tea in 2021, according to Dilmah – News

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Dilmah hosts the School of Tea program with over 300 participants.

Published: Wed 13 Apr 2022, 01:57

Last update: Wed 13 Apr 2022, 02:00

Tea is enjoying a new appreciation among young people as the trend accelerates toward healthier, low-caffeine, antioxidant-rich and natural beverages, says Dilmah.

Dilmah began distributing tea in the United Arab Emirates in the early 1990s and currently serves approximately 107 markets worldwide. The brand serves 30 airlines and nearly 3,000 hotels.

The company has just celebrated the 30th anniversary of its partnership with Emirates airline – Dilmah and Emirates were only 10 years old when this cooperation began and the length of the cooperation can be attributed to a joint effort to deliver innovative experiences inspired tea. to Emirates customers on board and in Emirates lounges.

“We designed together, the pearl anniversary of our cooperation was marked by the launch of a small batch, seasonal and limited edition tea. This focus will continue as the tea category is growing in the region , about health and wellness in tea, linked to the natural antioxidants that tea uniquely offers.However, we will go beyond this by presenting consumers with a unique perspective on the luxury that tea embodies, with teas from single estate, single region and seasonal we produce in our tea gardens,” said Dilmah tea grower and CEO Dilhan C. Fernando.

The United Arab Emirates is defined by its appreciation of luxury and sets a new benchmark for luxury in many ways. A latest study shows that 66% of UAE have visited a hotel/restaurant for a luxury afternoon tea in the past year, and 58% of high-income guests seek luxury tea in their room.

The brand recently completed several sessions of the Dilmah School of Tea in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with more than 300 hospitality professionals benefiting from knowledge that sparks inspiration and creativity in tea, tea gastronomy and tea mixology.

According to Euromonitor estimates, tea reached a value of 1 billion dirhams in 2021, and this growth is expected to continue in the years to come, as tea begins to figure prominently in the beverage choices of a new generation of young consumers.

Leading tea brand Dilmah conducted research with YouGov and showed that 66% of UAE visited hotels or restaurant for a luxury afternoon tea last year and also revealed that 34% of customers order tea luxury when visiting a hotel.

To support the elevating role of luxury tea, Dilmah hosted its School of Tea program, the world’s first tea school certification in Dubai and Abu Dhabi attended by over 200 hospitality industry attendees.

Fernando said, “We are excited to bring Dilmah School of Tea to the UAE and help grow the hospitality industry through knowledge sharing and increase the presence of tea in the region. The Dilmah School of Tea aims to instill respect for this ancient herb by educating consumers, tea lovers and hospitality professionals about its diversity and versatility and positioning this delicious herb at the pinnacle of a luxurious experience. This includes the use of tea in tea gastronomy and tea mixology where tea-inspired cuisine and beverages lend themselves to a new gastronomic experience as well as the harmonious pairing of tea and food.

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